Video #6: Mega Green Slimed for 90 Seconds in Jock
Added 10 days ago    537 views
X1 Green Slime (Mega Long Version) Here is the video everyone has been waiting for. Jock Spencer is caught in the locker room wearing his neoprene harness and other gear and gets made fun of by his friend Kyle. Kyle then takes a bucket of water and...

Video #5: Two Pies to Face and Jerk Off with Cum
Added 10 days ago    493 views
X2 Cream Pie to Face X1 Jerk Off with Cum-shot Trying a new video ide4aI ram two cream pies in my face and then stroke my cock to release a huge cum load. I took the videos of the pie hits and the cum shot and slowed them down for you to enjoy.

Video #4: Green Slimed in Bike Jock Summer 2017
Added 10 days ago    399 views
X1 Green Slime Decided to get my bike Jockstrap out and set up my slime machine in my garage. Had a great time and felt gong. Love getting green slimed in just a jockstrap while barefoot.

Video #3: Cocky Triathlete Gets Pied and Slimed
Added 2/18/18    931 views
X1 Green Slime X1 Pie In this video, Spencer wins the local triathlon. Unfortunately, Spencer gets a little to cocky about himself and wants his first place award, After waiting for a moment, he finally gets it but gets a different type of medal th...

Video #2: Green Slime Adidas Blue Jersey Plus Pie
Added 2/16/18    885 views
1 review!
X2 Green Slime X1 Pie to Face This is a clip from a series myself and my spouse are making called Spencer and Kyle where two friends meet and Kyle is always trying to get Spencer slimed and messy. The original videos will be available soon but the...

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Video #1: Football Jersey Water and Green Slimed
Added 1/19/18    1604 views
3 reviews!
Here is a short clip from my video Spencer and Kyle where Spencer is on the football team at the local college and end up losing the game. Watch as Spencer gets dumped with water and gets green slimed You Can't Do That On Television (ycdtotv) style g...

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